Synthetic Spatial Simulations is a series of generating forms of data nodes displayed in spatial simulations, giving viewers a preview into a
Abstract pixelation, methods similar in process and reason and driven by their opposition to fixed reality, the dichotomy which exists between realism and synthetic behavior. 
These pieces are unique sets of perspectives beyond the modern realm, merging simulations of people, places, paths, and artifacts into synthetic clouds of pixilation stimuli. 
Such works are achieved by using Python, modern 3D rendering technology, spatial recognizing lenses, and additional editing software to enhance experience.
We are presented with the opportunity to expose viewers and users to a fuller sensory experience and exposure to what anything was, is, or can be.  
This opportunity allows us to relive eternal sensations of nostalgia, wistfulness, and visual contemplation through pixilation, re-immersion, and generative simulation.
Actions are continuously added, subtracted, and modified over time with heavy contemplative analysis and risk assessment over the piece.  
Using other human eyes to look at your own operations and creations allows opportunity into another perspective which you would often not have to highlight issues often overlooked.
This is an attempt to achieve pointillism, abstraction, and micro space on a infinitesimal scale.

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