PROFESSOR: Dr. George Dodds
SEMESTER: Spring 2017
The University of Cincinnati remains one of the most well-designed campuses in the world, it has been master planned by few and designed by many.  The campus contains pieces of work from some of the most highly acclaimed architects and it reflects many different styles throughout, serving as a place for architecture to flourish as its own and become a place for design to express itself. The Aronoff structure is a building which contains no axis within its interior movement. It houses the DAAP programs which makeup UC’s design lifestyle. he structures itself is disruptive by nature and its numerous additions seek to take more attention from the last. So the goal was to create an addition for the DAAP program, which included multi-purpose gallery and exhibition center which contains areas for students to work and employees to feel comfortable and more valued by being placed in a more stable condition, without disrupting the values that the Aronoff exhibits.

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