PROFESSOR: Mark Stanley
SEMESTER: Spring 2020
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The Narrative:
1.    The voyage of the original crew being sent from earth to mars:  the first 300.  These citizens have been sent to mars because space exploration is important, and it is essential to learn about the universe.
2.    A large crew has been sent to Mars to colonize the planet and research and manipulate its vast red landscapes.  There are three primary locations on mars which the humans are seeking to make inhabitable and extract resources from which are denoted as Mar's Hubs.
3.    In between these hubs there are roaming city rovers which contain research labs and Terraformers which move from hub to hub, leaving and gathering supplies while scientists use these large city sized rovers to prepare plant life before it is ready to go into mars soil.
4.    There are three primary jobs on this planet:  botanists, extractors, and bacterialists who seek to manipulate the planet and extract its natural resources using Arbitors spread across the 3 Hubs. Each Hub and faction are concerned with the spread of its own ideologies yet realizes the sharing of resources is essential to survival.
5.    A portion of the colonists find an alien material and begin to debate the use and right to manipulate this organic find, which results in many members leaving their original faction and branching off to form a new identity.
6.    The group begins to radicalize because they believe a found alien material should be used a certain way and begin breaking rules from the Mars Treaty because they don’t believe anyone can enforce the treaty. And their Ideas are the only way.
7.    The radicalized groups start damaging the Extractor and Terraformers equipment which forces the factions to strike back and take action, which results in the destruction of the planets future plant life and geological makeup, as well as supplies being unable to be replaced.
8.    Over a short period of time many of the first 100 die and the planet starts to become very damaged by the human inhabitants to the point to where it is no longer a long-term option for humans to sustain life.
9.    Using satellites, the humans have located another Earth like habitable planet, however, it is thousands of light-years away and the humans must send a new exhibition team into space on a long journey to eventually reach this planet, for mankind depends on it.
HUB I,  Extractors
HUB II,  Botanists
HUB III, Bacterialists

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