SEMESTER: Fall 2019
The spread of alcohol has been one of the most important and lucrative processes in America.  It fueled the economy of the south and Appalachia.  Creating billion-dollar industries in both the fields of liquor and NASCAR. While the process of illegal liquor transportation was dangerous and frowned upon, it created opportunity and strengthened the poor economies of Southern America. This Distillery is broken into a series of campuses which each perform their own crucial functions and programs within the small community of Greenback, TN.  This project was just as much a designing of architectural systems as much as it was the designing of culture and creating a new identity within the small community of Greenback using alcohol. The site is connected by a moving channel system which allows for inhabitants to travel undetected, just as moon shine runners attempted to do during prohibition. Hopefully these systems can create a stronger community and draw an outside presence to Appalachia.

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