PROFESSOR: Robert "Mark" Dekay and Lisa Hoskins
SEMESTER: Fall 2018
PARTNER: Tori Eslick
This project contains all the necessary details and research to be considered a build-able and successful structure. This project reflects the importance and effect sustainable design has within architecture. The building meets LEED Platinum Standards, meets COTE standards, and explores design within the Living and Learning challenge.  These challenges were completed and explored in order to test the limits of sustainable design, but also explore new mediums and ways of saving energy. The Tesla Center’s values and capabilities were meant to be in harmony with the idea that architecture should be sustainable because there is no other option. The world needs to be more conscious of its waste and we feel Tesla is a company which seeks to resolve many of Earth’s problems by improving humans’ resources. There are several Tesla products used in this structures design, such as Tesla Solar Panels and Boring Bricks used for construction. Completed with studio partner, Tori Eslick under the studio direction of Mark (Robert) Dekay and Lisa Hoskins.

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