PROFESSOR: Bartek Hominski
SEMESTER: Spring 2019
A project completed during a semester abroad in Krakow, Poland. This River Walk serves as a historic tribute to the Polish people who were murdered by the Germans during in  WWII. The river it sits next two is located in the old city of Krakow where a large portion of the city can be seen regularly inhabiting because of its improving scenery and its numerous activities.  The area used to be a a ghetto neighborhood for the Jewish community when the Germans invaded and occupied Poland. The area is separated into two levels, the sub level which is and the walking area above the flood wall. There isn't really an easy transition between the two and it often forces the public to choose between the two levels without the opportunity to switch The incline walkway serves as a mediator between the two levels, as it moves inhabitants through a series of exhibit stations. These stations were meant to educate those passing and also provide a better connection between two highly populated levels in downtown Krakow which were previously poorly connected.
The lower level is prone to flooding which made the selection of material easy because it needed to be strong enough to support the weight of water and not damage when it gets wet. Steal material was chosen to support these problems and provide a hard and sleek aesthetic. The floors are made of an acrylic paneling which reflects and shines the visiting and stationary setting characteristics. The panels are meant to reflect those who observe and move throughout the structure but also provide a clean material which helps inhabitants feel as if they are a part of the area they inhabit. The walk is supposed to span long distances across the city, where hopefully the river walk will be a copied and reused design around the city.  Each of the bays within the structures has louvers used to provide shading for inhabitants as they walk through the structure. The louvers are placed in bays where as some are lacking because of the need for sunlight to be delivered to plants It is also intended for plant life to be able to grow around and in the structural elements, making it a green space within the city, where plant growth is encouraged and celebrated within the architecture.

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